The configuration can be divided into three parts:

  1. master.conf (C:\master\conf\master.conf) for master node's address and User control.
  2. update.conf (C:\master\conf\update.conf) for online updating.
  3. user.conf (C:\user\conf\user.conf) for User's identity.<>
Please see USER_GUIDE (PDF) and the file named 'CONFIGURATION' which is included in the package of ABCMaster for details.

Create a new user account

To add a user, you must edit master.conf
Suppose you want to add a user "alice" with password "cocacola". This user can only access ABCGrid using IP address "". Then the entry for this user could be:

Leave the <password> blank means no validation. So does the <address>.

Setup local FTP server

ABCGrid's online update relys on a FTP server to store all necessary files including applications and databases. By default, ABCGrid uses ftp://gblast:gblast@ To setup a local FTP server in your lab (for faster speed and better connectivity), you should follow the layout of above FTP server. Please see here for details.

Install&Update applications and databases

To do so, you must edit update.conf
After you saved the file, you can input a command "u" in the console window of ABCMaster or restart the ABCMaster to apply the change.

The configuration entry of one service must be same on all platforms.


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